📂 Developers

# Overview

A Developer is you, if you wish to consume off-chain data from APIs. You do so using Airnodes. An Airnode is a first-party oracle that will push off-chain API data to your on-chain contract. In the diagram below your contract is called a requester. It will make a request to the on-chain RRP protocol contract (AirnodeRrp.sol) that will add the request to the event logs. The off-chain Airnode will access the event logs, get the API data and perform a callback to the requester.

In summary you only need to do two things.

  • Call makeFullRequest() or makeTemplateRequest() on the AirnodeRrp.sol contract which returns a requestId.
  • Add a myFulfill() function (call it what you like) to your requester (your contract) where the off-chain Airnode can send the requested data when ready. The data includes the same requestId returned when the request was made.


  1. The requester (myContract.sol) makes a request to the RRP protocol contract (AirnodeRrp.sol) by calling `makeFullRequest()` which adds the request to the event logs and returns a requestId to the requester.

  2. Airnode retrieves the on-chain request from the event logs.

  3. Airnode gathers response data from the API specified in the request.

  4. Airnode performs a callback to a named function `myFulfill()` in myContract.sol via the AirnodeRrp.sol function `fulfill()` with the requested data and the requestId.

For a more detailed diagram see the first image in the Calling an Airnode doc.

Last Updated: 8/9/2022, 3:28:25 PM