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# Overview

Airnode is deployed with two files:

  • config.json is the file that specifies the API–Airnode integrations and various node and deployment parameters.

  • secrets.env is the file that keeps the secret parameters (airnode mnemonic, API keys, blockchain provider URLs and others) that the Airnode deployments will use.

  • aws.env is the file that holds credentials if the Airnode is deployed to AWS cloud provider. It is required by the Docker deployer image.

Airnode deployments utilizes secrets such as security scheme values (i.e., API keys) and blockchain provider URLs. While populating config.json you can use standard shell variable interpolation syntax (e.g. ${VARIABLE}) to insert values from secrets.env. That way the secrets are kept separately but are available as part of the configuration during the Airnode runtime.

The config.json file does NOT reference values in aws.env as it is read directly by the deployer image.

The deployer image outputs a receipt.json file after deployment, which contains information about the deployment that can be referred to later on for interaction or removal.

Last Updated: 8/9/2022, 3:28:25 PM