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# receipt.json

A receipt.json file is outputted after each deployment and contains non-sensitive information about the deployment. The main use of a receipt file is to remove an Airnode deployment when no longer needed. Use the docker image to execute the remove command.

It also provides the Airnode xpub for the hardened derivation path m/44'/60'/0' that must be announced off-chain in order for sponsors to derive their designated sponsor wallet. This wallet will then be used by the Airnode to fulfill each request made by the requester contracts.

  • airnodeWallet: address and xpub information
  • deployment: Airnode configuration and timestamp of deployment
  • api: contains the details of the Airnode API (e.g. heartbeat or testing gateways)

A receipt.json file is created for both a AWS or GCP deployment. A receipt is not generated for client deployments (deploying to a Docker container).

Last Updated: 8/23/2022, 3:00:04 PM