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# Overview

Table of Contents

The How to Guides mimic different sections of the ChainAPI UI and provide insight about the different steps to complete their workflow.

# Sign Up to use ChainAPI

ChainAPI identifies you through a wallet you own by way of MetaMask (opens new window). Other wallets will be supported in the future. ChainAPI will ask you to sign a message (from within MetaMask) for a particular wallet account proving your ownership of the account. For the first time you connect, you will be prompted for your email address which will be linked to a ChainAPI account. Each time you return to ChainAPI you will connect again, using MetaMask, to identify yourself by signing a message for the same account.

# Create an Integration

Setting up an integration is the first step that is required to deploy an Airnode. Here you will capture the required details for your existing API, which will be used to populate the files for deploying an Airnode. See Deployment Files in the Airnode document set for more information.

# Create a Deployment

This section will step you through deploying an Airnode using a configuration that was built when creating an integration. An integration can be used for multiple deployments if desired. Deployments can be made on AWS or GCP.

Last Updated: 8/9/2022, 3:28:25 PM