📂 Contract Architecture

# Contracts Overview

The core of the DAO is a set of smart contracts based on Aragon's aragonOS (opens new window). The code for these contracts can be found here (opens new window), along with instructions for how to deploy a copy of the DAO.

Name Mainnet Address
DAO Kernel 0x593ea926ee9820a933488b6a288433c387d06dba
ACL 0x1e7ecc6d3b5b4cfdfc71cb7c3ea9ac4a55f4195a
DAO Pool 0x6dd655f10d4b9e242ae186d9050b68f725c76d76
Primary Voting 0xdb6c812e439ce5c740570578681ea7aadba5170b
Secondary Voting 0x1c8058e72e4902b3431ef057e8d9a58a73f26372
Primary Agent 0xd9f80bdb37e6bad114d747e60ce6d2aaf26704ae
Secondary Agent 0x556ecbb0311d350491ba0ec7e019c354d7723ce0
Convenience 0x95087266018b9637aff3d76d4e0cad7e52c19636
Last Updated: 8/9/2022, 3:28:25 PM