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# Staking Tokens

Table of Contents

    Staking API3 tokens in the DAO pool makes you eligible for rewards and governance rights.

    # Getting Started

    1. Access the DAO Dashboard (opens new window)
    2. Select Staking page from the navigation bar in the upper left hand corner.
    3. Proceed to Staking Overview section below and connect to your wallet.


    Access the Videos page for a faster walk-through of the DAO dashboard.

    Table of Contents

    # Staking Overview

    This section is a very brief and high level overview of staking with the DAO. To access and participate in the DAO you will need to connect a web3 wallet such as MetaMask. If you do not have one please create one first.

    # Deposit and Withdraw Tokens

    Before tokens can be staked you must deposit them in the DAO pool. Doing so will remove them from your wallet and place them into the DAO pool under the control of its smart contracts. Deposited tokens show as WITHDRAWABLE can be removed from the DAO pool at any time and returned to your wallet.

    # Stake & Earn

    When you stake your deposited tokens you will be granted the right to create and vote on proposals. In addition you will earn rewards. Rewards are updated every seven days and are proportional to the number of tokens you have staked in the DAO pool (as a percentage of the DAO pool).

    # Unstake and Claim

    Unstake tokens and claims rewards. To incentivize governance responsibilities and protect the DAO's long term interest rewards are locked for one year. You can unstake your tokens at any time but you can only claim rewards after the one year locking period ends. Note that unstaking will revoke your most recent weekly reward payment. To protect the DAO from proposal spam, unstaking is subject to a seven day waiting period.

    Seven day wait period

    To protect the DAO from proposal spam, unstaking is subject to a seven day waiting period.

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