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Reference → dAPIs → Understanding dAPIs

Reading dAPIs

dApps can easily read dAPIs with API3 Market proxy contracts. Use the API3 Market➚ UI to obtain the proxy contract address for any dAPI such as AAVE/USD➚ on the Mumbai network. A proxy contract only reads from single predefined dAPI. There are many dAPIs, each of which has its own proxy contract which in turn reads the dAPI's data (value int224, timestamp uint256).

Using a proxy contract address and IProxy

Currently each self-funded dAPI has an on-chain proxy contract with an address that is publicly available to any dApp. For example, the proxy contract address of the dAPI AAVE/USD➚ on the Mumbai network is 0xa8785d83A31B21065F27b640F50694b39B1bda9a. This address is used to read (via IProxy) the dAPI's data (value int224, timestamp uint256).

(value, timestamp) = IProxy(0xa8785d83A31B21065F27b640F50694b39B1bda9a).read();

See the guide Reading a self-funded dAPI proxy and learn more on how to use a proxy contract address.


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