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Dashboard Attributes

Some attributes that determine values displayed on the DAO dashboard (such as the STAKING TARGET) can be changed by creating a proposal and calling the appropriate function on the DAO pool contract.

The following parameters can be updated via DAO proposal by calling StateUtils.sol➚ functions within the API3 Pool contract. For reference, percentage values are based on 10^18 = 100%.

Parameter NameInitial ValueFunction SignatureDescription
stakeTarget50 * 10^16setStakeTarget(uint256 _stakeTarget)Percentage of all tokens targeted to be staked
aprUpdateStep1 * 10^16setAprUpdateStep(uint256 _aprUpdateStep)Percentage reward APR will be increased or decreased by
maxApr75 * 10^16setMaxApr(uint256 _maxApr)Maximum reward APR
minApr2.5 * 10^16setMinApr(uint256 _minApr)Minimum reward APR
proposalVotingPowerThreshold0.1 * 10^16setProposalVotingPowerThreshold(uint256 _proposalVotingPowerThreshold)Percentage of all shares that must be held to create a new proposal
unstakeWaitPeriod604800 (seconds)setUnstakeWaitPeriod(uint256 _unstakeWaitPeriod)Length of time a member must wait after scheduling unstake before unstaking tokens from the pool

Released under the MIT License.