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dAPI Names

A dAPI is a live data point associated with human readable dapiName. dAPI definitions simplify access and can return aggregated data feed (beacon) values or a single data feed (beacon) value. This is suitable where the more recent data point (meaning its set of beacons could change as needed) is always more favorable, e.g., in the context of an asset price data feed.

API3 Market proxy contracts and IProxy

When using a API3 Market proxy contract, a dApp smart contract does not use a dapiName. The dapiName is integrated into the proxy contract when it is deployed by the API3 Market UI. Access to the dAPI is done using the IProxy interface and the address of the proxy contract. There are hundreds of dAPIs available across many chains. Use the API3 Market to find a desired dAPI and acquire the address to its proxy contract.


Released under the MIT License.