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DAO Tracker

The DAO Tracker➚ is a community-developed tool that provides additional insight into the DAO pool beyond what is offered by the intentionally minimalist DAO Dashboard. Its open source codebase➚ was developed by GitHub user EnormousCloud.


The DAO Tracker features the following pages and content:

  1. Overview - APR and staking data for current and previous epochs as well as a breakdown of API3 token supply by status, for example number tokens locked by governance. The overview page also contains a list of API3 smart contracts and the circulating supply of API3.

  2. Rewards - history of inflationary rewards containing the APR, number of members that were staking, API3 staked, and rewards minted of each epoch.

  3. Wallets - staking participant wallets along with the voting power (absolute and percent), ownership, and accrued rewards of each. If the wallet has an associated ENS name, that is also shown with the wallet address.

  4. Votings - pending, executed, and rejected proposals along with the percentage votes for and against each.

  5. Treasury - contract addresses and balances of each API3 DAO treasury.


Released under the MIT License.