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API3 is open to any proposals and improvements. Please feel free to contribute.

  • opening issues
  • making pull requests
  • proposing features

Individuals with a technical background can contribute to the project (through development, integrations, writing documentation, etc.). The general point is that one needs to be able to use a solution proficiently before being able to improve it.


It is recommended to do all of the below before attempting to contribute, and make sure to ask any questions you have on Discord➚.

  • If you do not have any blockchain development experience, read Mastering Ethereum➚ cover to cover. It is a light read that touches on all subjects that you will need to know about superficially.

  • To get a general grasp of the project, read the API3 Whitepaper➚ and our Blog Posts on Medium➚.

  • Read the entirety of these docs. Take notes and cross-reference, but do not expect to understand everything. Feel free to ask questions.

  • Run and understand the Airnode starter tutorial

  • (Optional, but ideal) Integrate an API to an Airnode without using any guide, deploy the Airnode, and build a dApp that uses the Airnode. Better yet, join one of our hackathons.

  • (For the curious) Explore all the repos hosted on GitHub➚, go through the issues, PRs, etc.

This page will be updated as more materials are produced. Please feel free to create GitHub issues➚ to make suggestions.


Visit the API3 GitHub➚ page and find everything about.. everything. Explore the many repositories to gain in-depth knowledge about API3.

  • the whitepaper
  • source code
  • documentation
  • usage examples

Please feel free to contribute to any API3 GitHub repositories.


Join the API3 community on the following services.

Contributing to the Technical Documentation

See the dev documentation for an overview of the API3 technical documentation site. It contains instructions on the make-up of the docs and on how to clone, setup, and run the project locally. For non-DAO members a PR from a fork is always welcome.


Released under the MIT License.