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Feedback to the API3 docs

We always appreciate your thoughts and suggestions about our documentation. Whether it's concerning the presentation of the information, or even provided through our feedback template, we're eager to hear your feedback.

Feedback or sharing ideas

If you are reading our documentation and have ideas on how we can better present or communicate these concepts we would like to hear from you.

This might include scenarios such as:

  • Ideas for us to communicate technical ideas in a simpler way
  • Areas that you think we could emphasize the 'why' behind our technical design
  • Points of difference within API3 that you think we should further highlight or communicate

Please email with the subject "Documentation feedback submission".

Submit an issue

We welcome all developers to contribute to the growth and enhancement of API3 DAO by submitting any issues or suggestions you come across via our issue template. Your insight is invaluable in making our technology better.

Please submit to

Feedback is valuable

Feedback is valuable and any submission shared with be rewarded with a retrospective bounty of up to $250 of API3

Contributing to the Technical Documentation

See the dev documentation for an overview of the API3 technical documentation site. It contains instructions on the make-up of the docs and on how to clone, setup, and run the project locally. For non-DAO members a PR from a fork is always welcome.

You can also see the Contributing overview on how to engage further.


Released under the MIT License.