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API3 Market

API3 has developed an oracle solution that enables smart contracts to access and utilize valuable real-world data with ease. As such it is essential to make sure the process of accessing this data is as user-friendly and efficient as possible.

What is the API3 Market?

The API3 Market provides tooling for dApp owners to access dAPIs. Use the API3 Market➚ to search for dAPIs, obtain dAPI proxy contract addresses, and monitor dAPIs..

From the API3 Market developers will manage all data feed subscriptions. Once the dAPI interface has been imported to a dApps contract, upgrading a data feed happens through the API3 Market.

Get started with self-funded dAPIs

Currently, self-funded dAPIs can be accessed through a quick and simple process:

  1. Explore and select your data feed
  2. Fund a sponsor wallet
  3. Access data feed through a proxy

Self-funded data feeds are currently accessible at the API3 Market➚, with managed data feeds launching in the coming months.

While the API3 Market UI is intuitive, follow this simple guide to sponsor, activate and read a self-funded dAPI.


Released under the MIT License.