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Create an Infura key

Some of the guides require a blockchain provider URL to interact with the Sepolia testnet. When a URL is needed for a guide, you will be referred to this page. Infura provides access to Sepolia with its free plan.

1. Access your account

To get started go to Infura➚ and create an account if you do not have one. If you do login. Infura will present your dashboard.

2. Create a key

Select the CREATE NEW KEY. Note that Infura projects have been renamed as keys. If you already have a key you wish to use, click on the MANAGE KEY button to the right of the key name and go to the next step (#3).

In the CREATE NEW KEY overlay select Web3 API from the NETWORK picklist. Then give the key a name (suggestion: API3 testing) and select the CREATE button.

3. Get the Sepolia endpoint URL

Once a key is created or selected, Infura presents the key's management page showing the ENDPOINTS tab.

The API KEY has several network endpoints available, some are free and others are paid. The Sepolia endpoint is free. Select the Sepolia network from the picklist in the Ethereum box then select the copy icon.

The key will look as shown below. Use the URL when guides call for the Sepolia blockchain provider URL.


Released under the MIT License.