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Admin CLI Image

Use the admin CLI image as an alternative method to execute Admin CLI using npx. Either method will achieve the same results. The image forgoes downloading the admin CLI package each time a command is executed using npx.

If you want to build the admin CLI image from the source yourself, you can find the image built instructions in the Airnode repository.

Additional information about the admin CLI image is available in the admin CLI commands doc.


The following example shows the difference between using the docker image versus npx when executing the get-sponsor-status admin CLI command.

npx @api3/airnode-admin get-sponsor-status \
  --provider-url<APP_ID> \
  --sponsor-address 0x9Ec6C4... \
  --requester-address 0x2c2e12...

# Docker
docker run api3/airnode-admin:0.11.1 get-sponsor-status \
  --provider-url<APP_ID> \
  --sponsor-address 0x9Ec6C4... \
  --requester-address 0x2c2e12...

Released under the MIT License.