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Reference → Airnode → v0.11 → Understanding Airnode

Monitor Airnode

Airnode logs or log groups are named similarly in AWS and GCP and include the following hyphen-separated components: airnode, <airnode deployment id>, <stage>, and <airnode cycle stage or request type>, for example, airnode-9e62180-tutorial-startCoordinator. The possible Airnode cycle stages or request types and the logs they contain are as follows:


Airnode logs are available in CloudWatch➚ under Logs > Log groups. Note that for the HTTP gateways, AWS generates a unique requestId for each request. These should not be confused with the requestId of a request originating from a blockchain.


Airnode logs are available in the Logs Explorer➚. It can be convenient to query or stream logs by the "Cloud Function" Resource Type and then by "Function Name" in order to view a specific request type or Airnode cycle stage.

Local Airnode Client

Running the airnode-client Docker image will output container logs to the command line. These logs are also available through the Docker interface e.g. under Containers within Docker Desktop. See the Docker client image for more information.


Released under the MIT License.